Our company started as a small chicken farm in 1996 . We have been around chickens for many years, and we love to make food supplements for them and that is how Siamcharoenvej was created. We use new technology to make the best quality products. Siamcharoenvej is a standard factory and OEM which we produce food supplements for chickens and pets.


  • Vission :  Siamcharoenvej aims to be apart of the feeding business group which was based on customers. We always like to start new things and keep up with the changes. We will do everything to become a Pet buisness group that can be a permanent for every partner.


  • Mission : Siamchareonvej wants to integrate technology and resources to create constant outcomes with the standard quality for every partner. Siamcharoenvej want to be an importer of  pet foods and treats.



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